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Essentials Reports

Get a better understanding of where the health IT market is today, and where it’s going.  HIMSS Analytics’ Essentials of the US Hospital IT Market is the market intelligence must have to help navigate the ever-changing HIT landscape, spot trends and opportunities, and forecast effectively. Compiled from the HIMSS Analytics® Database, the industry’s most comprehensive data set of HIT inventory, Essentials delivers a business friendly narrative highlighting the most significant trends. This research helps providers and health IT companies:

  • Stay current on industry trends purchasing plans
  • Gain insight into market drivers and emerging trends
  • Monitor the market position of key health IT solution providers
  • Find out who’s winning and losing business
  • Identify potential investment sectors and provide direction for investors, consultants, and others who support the HIT industry

Available in PDF format, Essentials can be purchased by volume or in its entirety:

  • Clinical Volume 1 – Applications of the EMRAM
  • Operations Volume
  • Clinical Volume 2
  • Ancillary/Biomedical/Technological Support Services Volume


More Information. More Insight.