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HIMSS Analytics regularly publishes Essentials Briefs on a variety of healthcare technology areas and market segments. Vendors can purchase the Essentials Briefs using the links below. Providers can receive the Essentials Briefs for free by emailing us from a qualified email address.

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Essentials Briefs go beyond quantitative research and include information from the HIMSS Analytics® Database to provide an unmatched level of marketplace understanding.


Along with tremendous insights, the era of Big Data has also ushered in the need for healthcare organizations to become increasingly particular about what data they collect and how it is used. Based on data from the HIMSS Analytics® Database as well as insight from healthcare IT executives across the country, topics covered include market utilization, vendor market share, purchase plans, and the role best-of-breed solutions play. 

This Essentials Brief includes spending breakout of four product categories - hospital tethered, EMR applications, operational applications, and other clinical applications, as well as Health IT purchasing trends for the years 2008 to 2014, with a focus going forward on first time and replacement buyers.

Over half of US hospitals reported use of smartphones and/or tablet computers at their facilities. 69% of respondents noted that they used apps to access clinical information; however, only 33% reportedly believe they can access most or all of the clinical systems technologies they need via smartphones/tablet computers.

The need for additional functionality was cited as the primary driver by 68% of respondents who plan to purchase a new system, upgrade or replace their current system. Just under 25% of respondents currently make images accessible via mobile devices. Approximately 50% of respondents currently utilize Enterprise Image Viewing functionality