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HIMSS Analytics Logic

HIMSS Analytics Logic - Global Healthcare Market Intelligence Tool

Welcome to HIMSS Analytics Logic. The most comprehensive and intuitive global market intelligence tool in healthcare IT. Collaboratively built with hospitals and health systems, Logic allows you to easily gain crucial insights, how you need them and when you need them, to guide your healthcare IT strategies.

What does Logic allow you to do?

Healthcare IT Companies Healthcare Delivery Organizations
  • Define the market - Logic allows sales and marketing teams to define their market, quickly understand who is planning to buy technologies (for the first time or replacing), who is upgrading, and understand what technologies, vendors, and products are being used and where, as well as uncover potential opportunities and threats in their base market. It also allows research, product, and strategy teams to quickly understand current market share based upon technology, location, organization size, organization type, organization primary service, EMRAM score and much more.
  • Target the decision makers - Based upon defined market, targeted systems and decision maker role or title, vendors can easily create a contact list to be used for targeting strategies and marketing campaigns.
  • Understand the market - Gain insights into participation in Accountable Care Organizations and Health Information Exchanges. Logic users can also see which organizations are planning mergers, acquisitions, and construction.
  • Understand the technology use - Gain an in-depth understanding of a health system, hospital, practice, home health, sub-acute and data centers: demographics, CMS Cost Data, key metrics, technologies installed, technologies being planned, technologies being upgraded, technologies being replaced, how organizations are using key technologies, number of hardware units, ACOs and HIEs they are participating with and much, much more.
  • Benchmarking and improvements - Understand how organizations are using technologies and how they stack up to each other based upon our EMR Adoption Model.

Features of Logic:

  • Personalization:
    Control the personalization of your dashboards. Adjust to your most frequently used searches and what you care about the most.
  • Scheduling:
    Create a schedule to send dashboards & reports to yourself or your stakeholders.
  • Flexibility:
    Assemble new interactive reports and dashboards based upon your business needs.
  • Smart Filtering:
    Utilize dynamic filters that update selection criteria as you drill to the ideal target.
  • Scalability:
    Access the most up to date data and technology. With Logic’s upgraded data model, improving usability and technology allows for easy integration with new data sources which we update on a regular basis.
  • Ease of Use:
    Discover actionable insights using Logic’s Intuitive layout allowing sales, product, and marketing teams to create better strategies.
  • Understand Health IT Sophistication:
    Search, filter, target or identify healthcare facilities by EMRAM stage.
  • New Data Insights:
    Dive deep into financials, clinicians and patient volumes, upgrading plans, mergers and acquisitions being planned, competitive analysis insights, understanding ACO and HIE installation footprints
  • Performance:
    Generate quick reports and insights with the help of Logic’s supporting technology. Logic’s machine learning remembers your insights viewed and filter settings from any instance.
  • Mobility:
    Ability to login to product from any device to access insights on the fly.

Why trust HIMSS Analytics data?

  • The trust of the healthcare delivery organizations. Lasting and strong relationships with Health Systems is what our business is built on. Our market research consultants continuously update healthcare data via daily outreach. In fact, our consultants typically work with the same health system for 3 years. To ensure continuous improvement and quality of customer experience we track how many minutes our consultants spend speaking with hospital decision makers. Currently, our consultants spend more than 26,000 minutes talking to hospital decision makers each month.
  • Data on data on data. A layered approach. In addition to our self-collected data, we also utilize CMS Data, sourced from Medicare and other government data sources. It is our belief that the more comprehensive our data is, the more insights there are to gain from it.
  • Current data. Make decisions based on the latest findings. Our Contact Data is less than 5 months old ensuring our target audiences have the most up to date information. We have a 94% delivery rate and validate over 117,000+ unique contact email addresses every 90 days. We track 54+ decision maker contact roles at every Health System in the country.
  • It’s not just about data. It’s also about data activation. Our data is matched with machine learning allowing for actionable insights. Want to know the average length of stay at a health system? We have that. Want to go deeper and understand that same metric through the lens of historical information of changes over time for a specific hospital and changes in EMR? We have that too.
  • We invest in innovation and solving client problems. We continuously invest in the healthcare market and our clients’ needs. Most recently, we partnered with HG Data, the number one data aggregator on the market, to provide monthly updates to our technology set making more intuitive and easier to use and gain insights from. Additionally, we’ve partnered with GoodData, leader in BI Tools to integrate our platform directly with Salesforce using Salesforce APIs.

Want more information or a demo to see the power of HIMSS Analytics Logic? Contact us!