Lessons learned: How analytics are changing the conversation

HIMSS Analytics

James Gaston, HIMSS Analytics Senior Director of Maturity Models, reflected on some of the discussions he and his colleagues have had with various healthcare leaders and explained that the term “analytics strategy” is getting an increasing amount of attention. In a nutshell: Gaston says that an analytics strategy should be aligned with and support the organizational strategy. It is the best way to ensure your system delivers insights that matter.

In working with healthcare organizations, there seemed to be a common thread among the lessons learned: 1) They can’t be bought; 2) There is always more work than resources available; and 3) Maturing capabilities take time and experience.

He explained that with an analytics strategy, the key is to start by truly understanding the needs of the organization. Making a note of important clinical, financial and operational drivers—aligned with leadership and executive support—is a solid first step.

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