WEBINAR: A Look at Trends in health IT security biometric technology in 2016


As healthcare organizations have increased their reliance on IT solutions and moved further into the digital realm, security of these solutions has become an increasingly critical need.  Organizations realize their data is vulnerable in ways never before encountered and are struggling to manage incoming threats.  Biometrics in healthcare are being used as one of the tools to improve security across organizations, from providing access to and securing data to identifying patients.

The HIMSS Analytics 2016 Essentials Brief: Health IT Security provides a high level view of how healthcare organizations are incorporating biometric technologies and solutions for security purposes across their organization.  Speakers Brendan FitzGerald, Director of Research, and Matt Schuchardt, Director of Market Intelligence Solution Sales, will provide a review of insight in this topic area.  Additionally, they will provide detail and analysis based upon data from LOGIC, the HIMSS Analytics market intelligence tool, on how recent and future adoption of security technology is helping organizations guard against data breaches and protecting patients.

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