Keeping Communities Healthy: Wellness and Chronic Disease Management Initiatives

Brendan FitzGerald

Population health is quickly becoming a focus of healthcare delivery organizations as the emphasis of delivery changes from volume to value-based care.

In December 2015, HIMSS Analytics published its Population Health Essentials Brief, which compiled insight from nearly 200 healthcare executives (C-Suite, administrators, directors & VPs) on their population health initiatives as well as their current and future plans for population health IT solutions.

Now, an addendum to this brief is shining a spotlight on two challenging areas of population health: chronic disease management and preventive health and wellness.

So, what holds the top spot for population health chronic disease management initiative? Diabetes.

According to the updated report, the leading areas of focus for organizations with chronic disease management initiatives in place are diabetes (75.9%), congestive heart failure (58.6) and COPD (41.4%).

As for the leading preventive health and wellness initiative? Workplace health promotion.

It appears that more employers are moving in the right direction. Roughly 70% of respondents to the HA Population Health Study Update with preventive health/wellness initiatives in place focus on workplace health promotion.

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