The quickest way to identify sales opportunities at HIMSS17

HIMSS Analytics

At the HIMSS Annual Conference exhibitors and solutions representatives invest thousands of dollars to attend, learn about health IT and get face time with decision makers.  The conference is a great opportunity to take advantage of the excitement surrounding new technologies and the prospect of making organizations more effective.

The challenge has and will always be, how do solutions representatives identify and make the most of their time with decision makers.

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To ensure you maximize your conference investment, we have built a tool that provides key insights on who you should be talking to and what technologies they are buying. 

With the HIMSS17 LOGIC™ Dashboard you have access to data on health systems walking the exhibit floor and can create your conference meeting strategy based on information provided directly from the health systems.

Continuously updated with new conference registrants, the dashboard includes: 

physician order entry


Full listing of all health systems represented at HIMSS17 where there is at least one person in attendance

physician order entry


Detailed technology overview of each health system 

physician order entry


Overview of pre-RFP buying intent for technologies being upgraded, replaced or purchased for the first time by health systems and knowledge of how they are using their systems

physician order entry


Ability to access detailed facility overviews including historical data, financials, HIEs and ACOs they are participating in and who their decision makers are 

physician order entry


The open or “green space” in the market showing which health systems have or don’t have a particular technology and whether or not they are in planning to buy


Make this your most successful year at HIMSS by coming to the show prepared.  

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