Precision Medicine: Trends in Current IT Approach and Future Plans

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There is widespread consumer interest in the study of genetics and DNA, with increased usage of tools such as and 23andMe. But where do healthcare providers currently stand in their approach to the use of genomics - or precision medicine - at the point of care?  A new Essentials Brief from HIMSS Analytics set out to examine technology usage and adoption rates of precision medicine solutions across the U.S. healthcare market. 

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Adoption levels in 2017 remain similar to 2016

While the interest level and potential expectations of precision medicine are extremely high, developing programs and conducting precision medicine at the point of care requires expertise, funds, and IT sophistication that many healthcare organizations currently do not have. Those organizations that do have existing programs showed an increase in leveraging a dedicated precision medicine platform in conjunction with other in-house solutions. 

Challenges in integrating clinical and genomic data

Many healthcare organizations with established precision medicine programs are looking to expand their offerings into different clinical areas while improving their IT approach. One of the most challenging aspects of achieving this is the actual integration of systems.  Many providers are struggling with clinical data systems integration or have yet to fully integrate clinical and genomic data with existing in-house solutions. 

Future is bright for precision medicine

The next two years in the adoption and development of precision medicine programs – as well as IT solutions and infrastructure to address precision medicine – will be significant.  Nearly 70 percent of respondents with plans to conduct precision medicine, intend to do so within the next 12 to 24 months. While oncology remains the focus of current programs and program expansion, the level of interest in other clinical areas will only grow as programs mature and additional resources are used to further advancements in this area.  

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Specific precision medicine trends, data, key findings and in-depth insight is available in the premium Essentials Brief.  For more information and to preview the full study, download our Snapshot Report.

Essentials Brief: 2017 Precision Medicine Study

Download a free Snapshot Report of the HIMSS Analytics 2017 Precision Medicine Essentials Brief