How to Use GO in Your Daily Sales Routine

HIMSS Analytics

As a health technology salesperson, you have busy mornings and crowded afternoons. You prospect, move people further along in their buyers' journeys, and work hard to document it all. But when you're on the go, working sales from your phone, it can be tough to stay organized and ensure you have all the info you'd otherwise have access to at your computer through the LOGIC platform. LOGIC GO, is meant to help.

A mobile app designed specifically for sales users, GO lets you sit in your car or on a plane and look up the next facility you're calling or visiting. Through the app, you can come to understand the organization's priorities, who the decision maker is, what key technologies the organization uses, and much more. Here's how to use GO in your daily routine.

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Whenever you're out in the field traveling, you need all the information about your accounts and potential accounts right at your fingertips. If your day typically includes prospecting, you have a couple of options for gathering that info. Let's say you already know the geographic area you'd like to prospect. Simply sort by geography and select a facility. If you're prospecting by vendor footprint, you can just search in the same fashion to understand which facilities are or are not using vendor X, and make decisions about whether to avoid or pursue a relationship with those organizations.

Now let's imagine you already know which facility you want to learn about. Simply launch the app, type in the name of the facility, and absorb the summary page. It will give you a lot of upfront information that makes it easy for you to provide details to your prospect about their needs. You can also dive deeper, looking into a list of all the technologies this facility or system has installed, and a list of vendors.

Additionally, you can use GO to communicate. With a link directly to the decision maker's LinkedIn profile, you can call and email right through the app. Outreach is easy and readily available.

But GO isn't only great for use when you're on the road. It's also designed for daily use in the office. Imagine you're on a web conference on your computer but want to quickly search for a prospect's details while you're chatting. Just pop open the app and get the information you need without navigating away from your other commitments.

Perhaps the best way to use GO in your daily routine is to incorporate it into your alerts. When do you already receive alerts about your prospects? Consider what's missing from your notifications and add that into GO. Set up your filters first. If you have an assigned territory, include your location, technology and contact detail filters. You should be able to view purchasing plans on the homepage in GO, and receive a notification anytime something is added. Imagine sitting at your desk working on another task and receiving a push notification from GO that tells you one of your target hospitals just added a buying plan for a certain technology. That type of alert can provide a clear and relevant entry point. Call that hospital right now!

However, says Matt O'Connor, senior account executive at HIMSS Analytics, "you don’t have to wait for alerts. You can always do some deep digging. You can start using GO for longterm pipeline growth and get the ball rolling with potential customers. Because GO has almost the same capabilities as LOGIC, you can really use it for your own research purposes. After all, even salespeople need to do research sometimes!"

There's also a third use case for GO, aside from travel and in the office, and that's on the conference floor. Regardless of your role in your organization, GO can give you up-to-date information to use in every meeting. Let's say you are meeting someone from facility A. Just type facility A into your app, remind yourself that they're using Epic, they're looking to buy your technology, and your prospect's boss's name is Susan. Walking into a meeting with that info sets you up for greater success.

GO facilitates intimacy with your prospects. Even if you don't look up the facility before the conversation, you can gain some quick info right after speaking with someone and set a reminder to follow up on specific aspects of that conversation.

The last case for using GO is a simple, but necessary, one: the news. If you want to stay informed on what's happening in the industry without digging deeply, just open your app. It has the Healthcare IT News feed so you can scroll through the big headlines of the day. Check it every day to stay on top of big changes and be the most informed salesperson your prospects have ever encountered.

Let's review. You should use GO in your daily routine to prospect and build pipeline, stay informed about your prospects, especially when you're on the road, make conference prep and follow up much more simple, and stay abreast of the latest changes, both in your prospect facilities and in the industry as a whole.

GO is the first app of its kind. There really is no other. It's well-designed for simplification and intimacy, and there's a 30-day free trial. You can't beat that. Just reach out to us today or check out GO on Google Play or the App Store to see how you can get started.

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