How to Get Your Organization’s AMAM Score

James Gaston

The Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM) was designed to help healthcare providers advance analytics competency and maturity.  This specific maturity model is focused on four areas:

  1. Data Content
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Data Governance
  4. Analytics Competency

Healthcare providers can use the AMAM as an analytics maturity roadmap, to ensure data driven insights, and to strategically align all analytics efforts.

Three Easy Steps to AMAM Scoring

Step One – Get the Survey

You can use an Excel-based survey suitable for those that like to ponder their responses or work as a team and walk through the compliance statements. Alternatively, you can go directly to our web survey.

To get the full AMAM Excel survey, you can request access via the web, phone (877) 364 2500, or email:  

Or go directly to the web-based survey here and begin answering the questions. 

Step Two – Complete the Survey

Simply fill out the straight forward demographics section and assess your organization against the compliance statements using the Likert scale described in the survey.  This can be done in under an hour.

Step Three – Submit the Survey

If you have filled out the Excel-based version, email it back to the address provided in the instructions on the first worksheet.

For the web survey, ensure you have submitted your results by clicking “Next” on the final page of the survey.

That’s it!

HIMSS Analytics will process your survey, upon which you will be contacted with a findings report, AMAM Stage standings and options on how to advance your analytics program.

Why Use AMAM to Advance Your Analytics Journey?

Developing and maturing an analytics program is no easy feat, and can be fraught with data, technical, and governance issues.  The AMAM is a staged roadmap designed to help your healthcare organization successfully focus and align your analytics efforts.

  • Provides a clear roadmap for advancing analytics
  • Drives financial, operational, and clinical analytics capability development
  • Vendor neutral, capability oriented, aspirational maturity model approach
  • Ensures your program has purpose, direction, and is strategically aligned

AMAM Overview

The AMAM has the same structure as the well-known EMRAM and O-EMRAM models, having 8 Stages starting at Stage 0 and reaching the pinnacle of healthcare analytics at Stage 7.  

  • Stages 1-3 focus on building an analytics foundation that allows for reliable, consistent, easy, descriptive reporting
  • Stages 4-6 advance capabilities across clinical, operational, and financial areas while pushing analytics to include diagnostic and predictive insights
  • Stage 7 demonstrates the use of analytics to support the mass customization of care and strong strategic alignment, leveraging prescriptive analytics in support of personalized medicine

AMAM achievement is assessed using 96 compliance statements that span Stages 1-7.  Healthcare organizations use a Likert scale to assess their compliance from “Not Enabled” through “Fully Enabled” for each compliance statement.  Achieving 70% compliance or better for a given Stage means an organization has achieved that Stage (Stages must be achieved sequentially).  Example achievement:

Baseline Achievement 

AMAM Focus Areas Achievement Included in with Assessment

AMAM Achievement reporting provides clear guidance on what healthcare organizations can do to advance their analytics efforts.

We look forward to working with you to advance healthcare analytics in your organization!  Learn more about AMAM here

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