HIMSS Analytics Introduces New Infrastructure Adoption Model: INFRAM

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BURLINGTON, VT, October 24, 2018 – HIMSS Analytics® today announced the newest maturity model to enter the market, the Infrastructure Adoption Model or INFRAM.  The INFRAM measures the technical infrastructure used within in a health system. By identifying specific benchmarks for organizations to reach before they go live with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, the INFRAM ensures that a health system’s infrastructure is stable, manageable and extensible. Through this, organizations can improve care delivery and create a pathway for infrastructure development tied to business and clinical outcomes.

The HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models have become the worldwide standard for measuring healthcare organizations’ dedication to improving processes and outcomes through advancements in technology. Similar to the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model, or, EMRAM, the INFRAM is an eight stage model (0 – 7) that allows healthcare IT leaders to map the technology infrastructure capabilities required to reach their facility’s clinical and operational goals, while meeting industry benchmarks and standards.  The final stage, Stage 7, guides organizations towards optimized information integration, contextualization and orchestration essential for the delivery of higher order local and virtualized care processes.

The INFRAM focuses on five technical subdomains, allowing organizations to benchmark how their infrastructure operates within the following areas:

  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Transport
  • Data Center

“The INFRAM is a welcome addition to our Maturity Model suite and addresses a longstanding need – guiding healthcare organizations in securely implementing the infrastructure with which their EMRs are built upon,” said Blain Newton, executive vice president, HIMSS Analytics. “We have seen health systems engage with advanced clinical applications, only for them to ‘glitch’ under infrastructure that isn't powerful enough to support their tools. With the INFRAM, healthcare providers can develop a detailed, strategic technology plan that defines their organization's current state, desired future state, and each stage in between to achieve their clinical and operational goals.”

The INFRAM has already proven to be valuable to the healthcare technology vendor community. Cisco, the model’s first Certified Consultant, was involved from the inception of the model acting as a key collaborator on the pilot program, along with other organizations from around the world. Additionally, BlackBerry, Cognizant, and Vertitech have already signed on as early Certified Consultants who are trained on the model criteria to engage and assist their clients in advancing through maturity model stages.

INFRAM is now available and more information can be found on the HIMSS Analytics website.


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