Health IT and The Cloud, 5 Must Watch Trends for 2017

HIMSS Analytics

In our work with both healthcare providers and healthcare technology vendors we have seen an increase in attention being paid to the question of where the cloud fits into the overall healthcare technology landscape. In January of 2017 we deployed an online survey to a range of healthcare decision makers on their approach to the cloud.

The results were illuminating with respect to where the industry is moving in utilizing cloud based solutions and what the near future holds for cloud adoption strategies. The full results have been tabulated into a HIMSS Analytics Essentials Brief.

Here are 5 key takeaways to watch:

1 - The largest current usage of cloud solutions is for commonly used applications such as email delivered. The second highest usage is in industry specific clinical applications such as EMR delivered as SaaS It will be interesting to see how organization’s use of the Cloud evolves as their familiarity increases. 

2 - IT decision makers are keen to embrace Hybrid models as primary drivers of cloud adoption because this approach provides the scalability, flexibility and “always-on” reliability that they need while still maintaining effective IT control.

3 - The near term growth area for cloud adoption is likely to be IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) with a focus on Disaster Recovery and Backup.

“The importance of IaaS in healthcare is well positioned to gain momentum in the future as maintaining complex hardware infrastructures could potentially strain current organizational resources.”

4 - Cost is not a significant driver for cloud adoption now but may be in the future. IT is facing ever increasing demands, causing IT departments to begin looking to allocate new investments and resources for maximum leverage.

“As healthcare organizations continue to leverage IT solutions as tools to provide better care, improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare delivery costs, future needs for more streamlined IT applications will become more essential.“

5 - There are healthcare market forces in play that could significantly alter the near term need for cloud solutions. There are a few that bear monitoring.

“Market sentiment around the cloud is likely to shift considerably in the next two years with the implementation of new programs such as Precision Medicine and Population Health, which would require increased operational and storage flexibility”.

As with all analysis of this type, the devil is in the details so take advantage of the free Snapshot report and learn about these 5 trends in the full report here.

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