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Drive Health IT Value with our Certified Consultants

HIMSS Analytics

Can’t see the forest for the trees? If you are leading a healthcare technology operation whose team is constantly focused on the next upgrade or how to meet minimum governmental requirements – you may be missing opportunities to drive the value of your technology investments. Leveraging the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models can help you to develop a cohesive strategy to move your organization forward. 

Since 2005, HIMSS Analytics has equipped healthcare providers with the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) to drive decision making around technology implementation. The EMRAM has enabled CEOs and CIOs to learn from their peer’s success, and the benefits of EMRAM are clear to industry leaders. We have expanded the scope of the maturity models over the past few years to help healthcare providers cross the chasm from technologically-equipped to technologically-evolved by using the Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM), the Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM) and the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM).

These Maturity Models enable organizations to measure, assess, and improve processes in a systematic way. For example, the AMAM lays out four key focus areas (data content, analytics, infrastructure, and governance) that allow providers to categorize progress as they move through Stages 0-7 of the model. The focus areas help healthcare leaders articulate the value of current practices as they relate to specific operational areas, so they can begin to build an analytics strategy. This holistic approach to planning the utilization of data that is collected in an EMR means best practices are employed as programs are being developed, reducing expensive rework. While this particular example pertains to analytics, all of the Maturity Models offer a way for providers to benchmark their current progress and map out the road ahead. 

Building an organizational strategy that optimizes the use of technology and data is a big step towards providing the best healthcare possible. Many hospital systems have a resource whose entire focus is to ensure the best use of data, sometimes a Director of Analytics or Chief Analytics Officer. Other health organizations employ a Chief Value Officer who is heavily engaged with IT to coordinate operational efficiency and drive the health system’s mission. For those organizations who do not have a full time employee whose mission it is to oversee the big picture, HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultants can often fill that gap for providers.

What is the Certified Consultant Program?

HIMSS Analytics is now offering a Certified Consultant Program that guides consultants to develop the skills needed to lead IT optimization, whether independent or with a large organization. This competency-based designation provides education, insight, and partnership to consultants working within provider organizations. There are currently about sixty HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultants across the globe. Organizations committed to the use of best-in-class standards are rapidly coming on board.  The program ensures a solid foundation for consultants, and the highest level of competency for providers who hire them.

The program prepares consultants to provide effective evaluation to healthcare organizations of every size using the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models. The in-depth training that the consultants receive allows them to develop plans at both the strategic and tactical level to guide organizations to Stage 7 of each of the models, regardless of where they begin. Certified Consultants are provided with first-level support whether they are in the planning phases or in the field during an implementation. Access to HIMSS Analytics subject matter experts ensures their clients always have answers in a timely manner.

Why Work with Certified Consultants? 

It is not always possible to have a full time position focused only on benchmarking progress and operationalizing best practices. For those organizations, we offer our Certified Consultants as the next best thing, because missing the big picture can lead to costly mistakes.

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Work with HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultants