Digging Deeper: Leverage These Health Data Sets for IT Sales

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In some ways, sales roles are similar in every industry: quotas, territories, tactics. In other ways, the industry shapes the role. In health IT, a particularly complex landscape means that the details are absolutely critical; not everyone can use the technology your organization offers. Further, differentiation from your competition needs to remain a priority at all times. The organizational structure of the hospital system, which may feature a buying committee or a single decision maker, also plays a part in the complexity of health IT sales. What's more, the regulations and rules around insurance, care models, compliance, etc. are strict and changing all the time.

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How do you stay ahead in an environment mired with these specific challenges?

One word: Data.

But it's not as though just any data will cut it. Indeed, the data you need about your prospect needs to be the type that your competition isn't considering. It needs to help you tell a highly-tailored story about your product. Most importantly, it needs to help you focus on the "why."

So often, even the most adept salesperson can become fixated on the "what" of data. What's the bed size? What's the budget? What tech does the hospital already use? Digging deeper means busting through the "what" door and out into the great wide open: the land of "why."

At HIMSS Analytics, we think it's important to get to the heart of the matter. For that reason, we're sharing the steps you can take to find the "real" why — either before or after the sale. Our Ebook also highlights the key data points you might be missing and why each of them matters to your bottom line.

If you want to go beyond your quota and develop your sales skills in a complex, ever-changing market, it's time to get serious about using data other reps might be overlooking.

Download our free EBook today to learn about the 8 Data Points You Should Leverage in Your Sales Process

Download today! 8 Data Points You Should Leverage in Your Sales Process Ebook!



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