Analyze: HIMSS Global Conference Review

HIMSS Analytics

For over 50 years, the annual HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition has brought together professionals from around the world to learn about and showcase the latest healthcare information technology. The event offers a unique networking opportunity for vendors of emerging products and healthcare providers everywhere.

Last year, a record 46,000+ attendees from over 90 countries gathered in Las Vegas for world-class education sessions and collaborative opportunities. As the HIMSS19 conference quickly approaches, attendees and exhibitors are beginning to prepare; subscribers of the HIMSS Analytics Logic platform are researching registered attendees and their associated organizations to have more informed and valuable conversations at the event.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from HIMSS19, let's dive into some key registrant information from the past three conferences.

Registrant Review from Past HIMSS Global Conferences

Healthcare Organizations from Around the World

The biggest takeaway from past registrant profiles is the conference's wide reach; the health technology conference has attracted professionals from a total of 110 different countries, including the majority of North America, South America and Europe and many Middle Eastern and Asian countries as well. Last year, nine new countries attended, including Angola, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Serbia and Vietnam. Generally, however, most of the attendees and providers come from the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands.

Attendee and Organization Profiles

At HIMSS18, over 1,700 healthcare organizations, country delegates, government divisions and solution providers were represented — the highest number of separate healthcare organizations compared to the previous two years.

The most common titles reported by healthcare system attendees include CIO and CMIO, but titles ranged from Systems Analyst and Executive Director to Project Manager and CEO as well. U.S. and Canadian healthcare system attendees represent over 1.2 million physicians, which is 86% of the 1.4 million physicians working at U.S. and Canada healthcare systems. Nearly two-thirds of the healthcare organizations represented had more than 250 beds. The EMRAM score for U.S. hospitals attending tends to be higher than the U.S. national average, and these scores have increased over the past three years.

So What?

Vendors and providers planning to attend this year's health technology conference can use this information to maximize their time and conversations. From a vendor perspective, we know that the healthcare organizations represented at the event tend to be more sophisticated in terms of their technology landscape, which means they may have more integration opportunities and a greater willingness to consider new options — so you should be prepared to have more sophisticated conversations as well.

Additionally, we know that vendor organizations are sending more representatives to the conference year after year; on average, vendors have sent two additional people each year. To stand out from the competition, you need enough people at the conference to insert themselves into conversations and ensure your solution is being properly represented. With the Logic platform, you could dig a little deeper into the specifics of each attendee and represented healthcare system — e.g., which key stakeholders are attending? Where are they in the buying process? Which sessions and talks are they most likely to attend? — To capitalize on your time at HIMSS19.

No matter why you're attending or what your trade show strategy is, the conference is a great opportunity to connect with industry peers, learn about different health IT strategies and have conversations about improving the quality, cost and outcomes of healthcare around the world. HIMSS19 could be the catalyst for a new wave of health IT innovation.