5 Ways Mobile Health Technology Helps You Excel as a Sales Rep

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Mobile intelligence is changing the game for health technology sales reps. Whether you're on the road meeting prospective clients or in the office planning your pitch strategy, mobile intelligence apps are quickly becoming an indispensable sales asset.

Mobile intelligence makes it possible to:

1. Always Know Who You're Speaking To

Mobile intelligence can tell you who the key decision makers are for a given hospital or medical practice, if those positions have changed since you last checked, and if a given prospect has an online profile and contact information by which you can reach out. Modern mobile sales tools also make it possible to access information on a prospect in real time — so if you happen to receive someone's business card in passing while at a conference or tradeshow, you can immediately get up to speed on the individual you were speaking to and the business opportunity they represent. When you know more about the individuals you're speaking to, you can speak to their needs with greater confidence and follow up with a relevant offer almost immediately (putting you one step ahead of your competitors).

2. Receive Real-Time Alerts About Prospects

In today's marketplace, things change quickly — it can be especially difficult to stay informed when your job requires you to be constantly away from your computer. The right mobile intelligence tool will alert you to any pertinent changes in your target network, so you'll never enter into a meeting unprepared and won't be in the awkward position of having to compensate for misinformation. Has a prospect just purchased software from one of your competitors while you were in transit? Did they just decide to expand their care network by adding another health practice? Was a new decision maker just hired? It's easy to stay informed if relevant information is automatically siphoned and sent as an alert to your mobile device. What's more, being up-to-date on recent changes and industry news gives you — and your business — more credibility, so you can create the kind of first impression that inspires confidence and trust.

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3. Make The Most of Your Time on The Road

Mobile intelligence can help you plan your time more effectively by identifying other opportunities that meet your filter criteria within a given geographical range — so you can make the most out of your trip. If you have a meeting scheduled in a satellite city and you know what opportunities are located along your travel route, it's easy to plan ahead and reach out to other potential prospects to schedule in-person meetings for the date you'll be passing through town. Much like a personal trip planner or travel agent, mobile intelligence will inform you about the opportunities you shouldn't miss when visiting a given city.

4. Craft a More Effective Sales Pitch

To craft an effective pitch, it's vital to know what matters to your audience. What are their company's long-term goals? What solutions have they used in the past? How might their business leverage your solution to greatest effect? To create a pitch that resonates with your prospective buyer, you first need to know what their needs are (and how those needs relate to the solution you can provide). A hospital with 5,000 beds and multiple satellite practices will have different health IT concerns, reservations, goals and pain points than a privately-owned care facility with a 75 bed capacity — but that doesn't mean that your product can't provide a viable solution for both parties.

Being an effective salesperson means tailoring your approach to address the buying parameters, needs and goals of each individual prospect (rather than delivering the same general message to every buyer). To do so, you need unrestricted access to relevant business data and an efficient means of extracting the information you require. Mobile intelligence can offer a "cheat sheet" on any given prospect — a quick and comprehensive view of a business's overall size, growth trajectory, health IT history, previous tech purchases and level of IT engagement. What's more, mobile intelligence apps can help you identify and weigh sales opportunities — filtering all available opportunities in a given area by your specific target criteria — so you don't waste your time pitching a business that isn't a good fit for your services.

5. Have Unrestricted Access to The Information You Need, Precisely When You Need It

The biggest reason you need mobile intelligence is also the most obvious — mobile means that you can use your smartphone as a lifeline to stay informed and organized on prospects from anywhere your work may take you. In the digital age, instant-feedback and access to information is becoming the rule rather than the exception. When you can access all the information you need in an organized and scalable way from your mobile device, there's no reason to ever be out of the loop or unprepared. Instant access to mobile intelligence means that you can be an expert on the things that matter to your clients — even when those needs change precipitously.

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