Health IT Brand Starter Kit

New to the health IT space? Make sure your brand is reasonating.

Set yourself up for increased sales through market understanding.

Health IT Brand Starter Kit

Measure Your Brand’s Effectiveness in the Health IT Market

We believe in the adage “what is measured is managed”. HIMSS Analytics seasoned health IT thought leaders and research analysts will help you build a baseline by which to measure your brand’s progress in the market.

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

As part of this research package, HIMSS Analytics will conduct a Voice of Customer (VOC) research study to provide you with strategic insight identifying components related to brand awareness, including familiarity and preference.

A Research Solution to Move Your Brand Forward

There are many deliverables that go along with the Brand Starter Kit. HIMSS Analytics will analyze the results and provide a slide deck report on the trends identified in the study. This will also include identification of the key themes so you can best deliver insights to your internal and external stakeholders. In addition, we deliver the de-identified raw-respondent data complete with data slicers (pivot tables) to easily segment the market data in a variety of ways, and also conduct a review presentation to core project sponsors from HIMSS Analytics research experts.