Logic™ CRM Integration


Logic Sync: Integrate directly with Salesforce and other CRMs

Map Logic datapoints directly to your Salesforce CRM and syncronize your data as it becomes available. Be the first to know when your prospects are making business moves. 

Logic™ CRM Integration

We've got an answer for data integration with your CRM.

Integrate with Salesforce

Build upon your existing client or target account data with data from Logic to understand who is in the market for what and how to approach them, enabling you to sell more efficiently.

And never miss out on opportunities because you have old data in your CRM. Our tool allows you to easily map fields in Logic to fields in your Salesforce, and to keep them in sync. When Logic data changes, you will see that change immediately.   

Not on Salesforce? No problem.

We’ve got you covered outside of Salesforce. Using Logic iframe we can pull health system, hospital, and practice data directly into your system.

Need a more custom solution? Consider HIMSS Analytics API

Integrate HIMSS Analytics data with your internal sales and marketing applications. The HIMSS Analytics API can be integrated with any application that is capable of communicating via HTTP and that supports basic authentication, allowing clients to pull demographics, firmographics, financials, installed technology data, contact data, mergers and acquisitions data, and more into their own systems.