Logic™ Source

The contracts you need for transparency in pricing and effective go-to-market strategy

The trusted tools of CapSite now available as Logic Source!

Logic™ Source

With over a decade’s worth of data giving you competitive intelligence to help inform and guide strategy for engaging with providers, HIMSS Analytics is pleased to announce that the CapSite tool has been added to our market intelligence platform as Logic Source. With Source, solutions professionals can gather all the information needed to understand past purchasing decisions including everything from Certificates of Need and RFIs to RFP responses and executed contracts.  Gain access to nearly 8,000 proposals and executed contracts allowing you to make your next moves with confidence.

Access RFP Opportunities

Ensure your team is finding Request For Proposal (RFP) sales opportunities as soon as they go to market with Logic RFP (available with your Logic subscription). Increase your visibility and see these RFP opportunities, Request for Information (RFI) and Certificate Of Need (CON), with daily notifications as soon as a provider releases new documents with the full Logic Source contract intelligence tool.

Executed Contracts

Search Logic Source to dive deeper into executed contracts and proposals with thousands of documents, including terms and conditions and comprehensive pricing offerings. This information can help you understand how others in the industry are approaching deals and what makes a deal into a fully signed and executed agreement. 

Competitive Pricing - What Is The Market Saying?

Ensure you price your technology appropriately for what is currently in the market — and what providers are accustomed to — to remain in line and competitive with your industry peers. Logic Source can help you uncover details on the pricing structures of your competitors. 

Acquisition Specialists to Find the Contracts You Need

Logic Source acquires contracts and proposals through the Freedom of Information Act, and every Source subscription comes with a FOIA acquisition specialist. These specialists conduct custom contract request outreach and work to acquire any type of contract or proposal from your wish list of competing vendors and provider organizations.

Insight into Provider Deals

Enhance your sales capabilities by leveraging Logic Source to gain insight into provider purchasing decisions. You can shine light on what bids were lost, what technologies were selected and what the providers ultimately agreed to implement. Use this insight to understand what could be the difference between a winning and losing deal.