Logic™ Predict

Predictive Buyer Market Analysis To Win More Deals

Rev up your health IT sales engine with insight on who is likely to buy!

Logic™ Predict


Uncover the five-star rated HCOs who are most likely to purchase your solution.

Discover the five star rated HCOs who are most likely to purchase your solution


Use Logic and the digital body language of the HIMSS ecosystem to understand who in your pipeline is most likely to buy from you!

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Leverage Your CRM Data

Your sales pipeline provides you the access and information you need to make an impact on revenue. Big data tools and analysis have put organizations just like yours in the driver's seat to understand exactly who your hottest leads are. With Logic Predict, use trusted healthcare technology and information sales and marketing predictive models to start the process. Pull in your CRM data for a clearer opportunity landscape based on your funnel.



Rank Your Pipeline Or Find New Opportunities Through Logic Market Intelligence

What is the market telling you about your sales pipeline? Who isn't in your pipeline that you should be talking to? Use the most robust health IT market intelligence platform for holistic market view bringing color to your opportunities. See your sales pipeline or your market green space from a historical and forward-facing perspective.


Identify Opportunities Through a Prospect's Digital Body Language 

You have your prospects and sales pipeline. Now know if they are engaging with the type of information that would indicate steps closer to purchasing. Leverage deep health IT domain knowledge and body language data on your prospects from the healthcare IT ecosystem indicating preference and intent including reading preferences, in-person and digital event attendance and other engagements. Make an impact on the prospects most likely to buy from you inside and outside your pipeline.


Use Predict Buyer Models to Gain, Grow, and Keep Customers

Use Logic Predict proprietary predictive models to identify the organizations that have the highest propensity to buy, the accounts most likely to buy more products from you, cross or up-sell opportunities, clients most likely to leave or ones who may be at risk to go to a competitor.