International Health IT Intelligence

Intelligence on nearly 380,000 healthcare organizations in 47 countries and counting.

Your solution to global health IT sales and marketing insight is here.

International Health IT Intelligence

Gain knowledge of the global health IT market.

Make an impact on your health IT sales and marketing across the world with an intelligence platform providing actionable insight on the health IT market in the North American, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American regions.

Understand Global Market Share

View the market share for a single vendor across all markets domestic and international to better determine go forward business planning and uncover opportunities in an efficient, timely way.

Uncover Organizational Demographics

See the demographic data of target organizations globally. Know who they serve and what technologies they have installed to serve that population.

EMR Adoption Across Borders

Gain insight into the true global footprint of EMRAM Stage 6 and 7 organizations allowing a broader picture of the sophistication of hospitals worldwide. Get clarity on ways to segment the market by technologies installed and EMR adoption and maturity.

Regional Information To Improve Your Approach

In addition to the demographic data of your target organizations, understand the demographics of the regions you are looking to target. See both the technologies and vendors of these regions to build your sales and marketing strategy.