How to use LOGIC Discover

How to use LOGIC Discover

How do I use the LOGIC Discover Chrome Extension?

Get the Discover Extension

All Users will need to download Chrome Extension via Chrome Store

  • If you are an existing LOGIC user (, you will have immediate access to the extension
  • You will use the same user name/password as LOGIC

If you are new to LOGIC, you will need to Sign Up for an account

  • You will have access to EMR and One Technology Category for a limited time
  • Start a Free Account - follow the instructions to create an account then cofirm via email.

How do I navigate the extension?

  1. Name of the Health System
  2. Back Button: Brings you back to the prior screen used in the extension, only available when you are in the Health System Hierarchy Views
  3. Health System Details: Shows rolled up data for the organizations within the Health System
  4. Organization Type: Shows what type and count of organizations make up the health system
  5. Expand/Collapse Icon: Expanding shows the organization details for that organization type
  6. Access LOGIC Overview: LOGIC clients can click on the HIMSS Analytics LOGIC Discover Icon to launch into the platform for the detailed LOGIC Organization Overview
  7. Logout
  8. Email HIMSS Analytics Services Team

How do I use the organizational details?

  1. Info button/Collapse Icon: Expanding shows the organization details for that organization type
  2. Name of the Organization: Click the name to load all the technology data for that organization
  3. Close: Closes details for the specific organization
  4. Organization Details: Provides data including revenue, number of physicians, number of beds, number of decision makers, demographic information, and a link to the organization's website.

What other organizational details can I get and how do I use the features?

  1. Health System Hierarchy Icon
    • Gives you a count of how many organizations are in the health system
    • Click on the icon to go see the organizations in the Health System
  2. By Category: Explores vendor and product details by Technology Category
  3. By Vendor: Explores product details organized by Vendor Name
  4. All: Allows you to explore by Product Name
    • Your Product Favorites will float up to the top of the view
  5. Expand/Collapse: Shows more details regarding the technology/vendor/product
  6. Category Details: Shows the Technology/Product Name (in bold), then the Vendor Name, and the status of the product
    • Installed = Product is installed
    • Replaced = Product is being replaced by another product
    • Contracted = Product is being contracted
    • Installing = Product is being installed
    • Being Considered = Product is being considered for purchase
    • Planned = Product is planned to be installed
  7. Favorites Icon: allows you to tag favorite products