Logic™ Discover

Who is in the market for your health IT solutions?

See installed technologies, financial background, operational info, and the decision makers at your target hospitals!

Logic™ Discover

Get health IT market insight right in your Chrome browser. 

Access health system and hospital insights as you browse a facility's website, and also in your Gmail, Outlook 365, LinkedIn, and in Salesforce!

Get the Discover extension

Gain health IT insight on your prospects as you browse in Chrome

The Logic Discover Chrome extension helps your sales and marketing teams gather critical health IT insight from your prospects across the web. From any hospital or health system’s website, you can gain visibility into which vendors and products are installed at a facility, which technologies a prospect may plan to purchase, the number of decision makers that can be accessed in Logic. Your teams can also access quick statistics about the organization such as patient revenue, number of beds and number of physicians, and learn about which organizations make up the hospital’s health system. And you can test it all out for free.



See a prospect’s health IT footprint

Prospecting can be time intensive. The Logic Discover extension can get you high level insight on the fly as you browse the web identifying which vendors’ products are installed at a facility.


Find the decision makers

Logic Discover identifies the number of decision makers housed in Logic who are at the particular organization you are browsing. Take the guess work out of prospecting.


Quick statistics to give you a competitive advantage

Buyers respond when sellers know their pain points and their needs. With Logic Discover, access quick stats like patient revenue, bed size, how many physicians they have on staff, and a list of the organizations that make up their health system. Pull all this information directly in Google Chrome as you move around the web.