Logic™ Analyze

Actionable healthcare market analysis. Delivered.

Proactive insights from the healthcare marketplace so you can make informed decisions and close more business.

Logic™ Analyze

Market context in a quickly evolving global healthcare ecosystem


Insights delivered right within Logic so you can focus on closing sales.

Simple market intelligence with the flexibility to dive deep

Clear, easy to digest charts, graphs, and takeaways to give unprecedented market understanding with the ability to get granular based on your needs.


Make the insights your own

Use the charts, graphs and analysis in your presentations with downloadable data for customized marketing and sales efforts.


Insight from the most powerful healthcare industry data tools by the most trusted analysts

Subscribers gain access to deeper multi-slide topic analysis in our extensive content library and the ability to utilize consulting hours with HIMSS thought leaders. Get answers to questions about the topics, markets and technologies you care about. You can even have a HIMSS subject matter expert come and speak to your organization!


Built for sales and marketing teams

Not an analyst, spreadsheet wizard or data geek? It's OK because we are. Analyze is built to deliver insight based on data and how the market is shifting.