HIMSS Analytics Logic™

Unmatched healthcare technology market intelligence at your fingertips.

HIMSS Analytics Logic is your go-to source for healthcare IT insights that will help you move the needle for sales and marketing. Fill your pipeline and approach each opportunity with the knowledge to make an immediate impact on your prospects.

HIMSS Analytics Logic™


Healthcare IT Market Intelligence On-Demand



Understand & Define the Health IT Market

Gain insight on what technologies, vendors and products are being used, and where.



Uncover Opportunities

Learn which organizations are planning to buy and upgrade technologies for the first time.



Identify Current Market Share

Establish your own specific parameters, including organization size, organization type, Electronic Medical Record Adoption Maturity (EMRAM) level and much more.



Target the Decision Makers

Create a unique contact list based upon the specific market that you define.



A Tool Kit To Set You Up For Health IT Sales Success

With unprecedented access to health IT decision makers across the healthcare landscape comes an unprecedented feature set sure to lead your organization to increased sales and more effective marketing.

Unmatched Data And Insights From Hospitals Around The World

Get sales and marketing intelligence on hundreds of thousands of facilities spanning 47 countries and counting. Collected from hospital decision makers themselves and validated by our team of data scientists, Logic is your single source of truth for health IT market insight and with international data now available, take your health IT solutions global with confidence.

Work With Experts To Optimize Your Sales And Marketing Opportunities

Get optimization services from our team of Logic experts who will guide you along your health IT data journey. Set up your dashboards and reports and get understanding of other features that will put you in the driver’s seat to increased health IT sales.

Google Chrome Extension Delivers Provider Purchasing Intelligence As You Browse

The Logic Discover extension helps your sales and marketing teams gather critical health IT insight from your prospects across the web. Learn which vendors’ technologies are installed at a facility, what technologies are being planned for purchase and the number of decision makers who you can access in Logic. Discover quick statistics about the organization, such as patient revenue, number of beds and number of physicians, as well as the other organizations that make up their health system, if they belong to one. Best of all, you can test it out for free.

Explorer Health IT Sales Opportunity Alerts Newsletter

Is your prospect about to acquire a new facility? Did they just make a leadership change? Are they moving from one technology vendor to another? We update our healthcare organization profiles daily as we uncover new information. As a Logic subscriber, you will receive all this information — plus much more — in your inbox weekly. 

Integrate Data Into Salesforce and other CRMs

Your sales team likely houses all of their client information in Salesforce or another leading CRM. Logic Sync allows you to pull the data you want into your Salesforce instance to build a fully robust picture of their current healthcare IT profile.  Additionally, we offer integration with other CRM systems.