Essentials Brief

Essentials Brief: 2017 Clinical & Business Intelligence Study

 September 08th, 2017

As the adoption of IT solutions have accelerated across the healthcare landscape so too has the need for solutions to collect, analyze and display the data that comes with it.   Clinical and financial business intelligence solutions have become essential to healthcare organizations in the move from volume to value-based care and in the development of new models of care, such as precision medicine.  Using data from HIMSS Analytics LOGIC™ Health IT Market Intelligence Platform and voice of market responses from a web-based survey, The 2017 Essential Brief: Clinical & Business Intelligence Study highlights current market adoption of analytic solutions across the entire U.S. healthcare market and reveals where these organizations are focusing their analytical efforts.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Clinical and Business Intelligence solution adoption rates for the U.S. healthcare market in 2017 are 48 percent and 62 percent, respectively (n=5,464).
  • Data governance, an important pre-requisite for the success of data analytics, has shown significant improvement in the ‘highly optimized’ and ‘strong’ categories from study respondents who were asked to qualify their efforts in this area.
  • While leveraging clinical analytics to meet Meaningful Use requirements and reporting remains the primary area of focus (nearly 70 percent of respondents), there has been an increase in the focus on population health year over year from roughly 20 percent in 2016 to 30 percent in 2017.
  • Revenue cycle metrics/optimization and financial performance reporting and tracking increased significantly as financial intelligence areas of focus.