Webinar: Improving Personalized Care Delivery With The Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model

November 11, 2019

HIMSS Analytics introduces the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM), an eight stage (0-7) model that lays the pathway to building a supply chain infrastructure that provides benefits in both quality and safety. Using the CISOM, healthcare organizations are given guideposts to follow in order to build capabilities in delivering personalized care for populations.

Health systems will use CISOM to create an automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care in their organization to proactively identify risk of adverse events and cue clinicians to risk. This enables proactive interventions to prevent adverse events, which in turn, strengthens quality and safety for patients and improves system performance.

Dr. Anne Snowdon RN, PhD, FAAN, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS Analytics, will provide an overview of this new Maturity Model and how it will provide healthcare organizations with a roadmap to better patient care and safety outcomes.