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Wait time in the ED reflects how well the resources are used within and outside of the department. The more visitors leave the ED, the higher the possibility that resources are not being used efficiently and effectively throughout the entire hospital system. RUMC utilized their EMR to develop predictive modeling to reduce the number of patients leaving the ER without being seen.
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In today’s ever-changing technological environment, healthcare providers are constantly expected to evolve and mature their technological capabilities to provide more advanced care for their patients. See how the INFRAM model is impacting organizations like yours and learn how your organization can benefit.
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The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, a Global Digital Exemplar in the UK, is using EMRAM as a benchmarking tool to help drive its ongoing digital transformation strategy.
   Nov. 21, 2018
When JMH began its journey toward EMRAM Stage 7 validation, catheter-associated urinary tract infection standardized infection ratio rates were too high in one of their acute care, inpatient medical...
   Nov. 13, 2018
Despite their reputation, Hurley had a challenge: Overcrowding. With units consistently full and patients backed up in the emergency department, the hospital administrators needed to figure out how...
   Nov. 09, 2018
Do you need an analytics strategy for your healthcare organization? Just answering "yes" isn't the strategy itself, but it's a good first step toward initiation.
   Nov. 08, 2018
Joins us Monday, November 12, 2018 at 1pm CT for a webinar focused on the new HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model. Learn more about the model, how it could benefit your organization and...
   Nov. 08, 2018
When seeking Stage 7 validations, Duke Health recognized that all of their information needed to be stored in one accessible system. After launching their single EMR system, they were able to...
   Nov. 08, 2018
While seeking Stage 7 validation, Hennepin was challenged with the improvement of their ordering process for red blood cells. Blood is expensive and often in short supply, so clinicians need to do...
   Nov. 08, 2018
Committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate and cutting-edge care, CCHHS set out to identify patients at risk for depression and improve the follow-up and treatment process for this condition...
   Nov. 08, 2018
When CMH began the Stage 7 validation process, they were struggling to reduce the mortality rate of babies diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). After the development of the CHAMP...