2 months 1 week ago
The Digital Health Indicator (DHI) provides a measure of progress towards a digital health ecosystem to identify strengths across the four dimensions of digital health and areas for further development. The DHI enables a health system to track their progress, while identifying both strengths and opportunities to inform their digital health strategy.
   4 months 1 week ago
Join us to learn how you can empower consumers to take control of their health and wellness journey through the new framework that HIMSS has introduced.
   8 months 3 weeks ago
Health systems worldwide require a strategic path toward sustainable healthcare delivery for global populations that solves issues for both the current and next generation of leaders to guide and inform digital health transformation.
   Aug. 06, 2016
Nebraska Medicine, part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, was honored as a Stage 7 EMRAM validated organization. Learn more about their journey to Stage 7.
   Aug. 03, 2016
The Outpatient EMRAM is here!
   Aug. 02, 2016
Learn more about the trends occurring with revenue cycle and denial mangement in this on-demand webinar with HIMSS Analytics thought leaders Brendan FitzGerald and Matt Schuchardt.
   Jul. 12, 2016
A methodology for implementing an analytics strategy
   Jun. 28, 2016
The HIMSS Analytics 2016 RCM Denial Management Essentials Brief, looks at the U.S. hospital denial management solutions market.
   Jun. 08, 2016
Utilizing over 25 years of data about health IT implementations as a meter for best practices, the EMRAM lays out a roadmap that enables hospital CIOs to prioritize their IT implementations and then...
   May. 11, 2016
Healthcare organizations around the world are voicing their support of valuable tools that allow them to take an evidence-based approach when embarking on the next steps of EMR implementation.
   Apr. 27, 2016
In the field of telemedicine, new healthcare IT innovation is bringing providers and patients together in ways that were unheard of even a decade ago, bringing people together with the goal of...