4 months 1 week ago
Health systems worldwide require a strategic path toward sustainable healthcare delivery for global populations that solves issues for both the current and next generation of leaders to guide and inform digital health transformation.
   4 months 3 weeks ago
HIMSS will be hosting a live webinar on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 11am CT/ 12pm ET to provide a detailed overview of the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM).
   5 months 1 day ago
Today, HIMSS announced the newest Maturity Model to enter the market, the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model or CISOM. The CISOM lays a pathway to building a supply chain infrastructure that provides benefits in both quality and safety.
   Sep. 05, 2019
Wait time in the ED reflects how well the resources are used within and outside of the department. The more visitors leave the ED, the higher the possibility that resources are not being used...
   Aug. 18, 2019
In today’s ever-changing technological environment, healthcare providers are constantly expected to evolve and mature their technological capabilities to provide more advanced care for their patients...
   Jul. 30, 2019
The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, a Global Digital Exemplar in the UK, is using EMRAM as a benchmarking tool to help drive its ongoing digital transformation strategy.
   Jul. 18, 2019
The HIMSS Analytics Certified program was created to increase collaboration with organizations across the globe who offer the best tools and/or services that enhance organizational efficiencies,...
   Jul. 14, 2019
To address their challenges, Union Hospital used the big bang adoption method to implement their new EMR and work toward a paperless state. A multidisciplinary team executed the instant changeover.
   Jul. 14, 2019
UCLA Health faculty satisfaction increased from 79% in 2013 to 84% in 2016. The implementation of CareConnect resulted in safer, more effective, timelier, more efficient, more equitable health care.
   Jul. 11, 2019
As the leading provider for emergency and pediatric care, the TMC health system includes top-notch intensive care units for adults, children and newborns, however they were unable to track infections...
   Jul. 08, 2019
New leadership in the nursing department identified three primary goals for TMC to work toward in order to improve patient care- increase nursing satisfaction, improve nursing efficiencies and to...