Webinars: Mobilizing Your Health System with Digital Solutions

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Now more than ever there is a need for health systems to advance a strategy for building capacity and helping people stay well.

HIMSS has introduced a framework that puts consumers in control of their health and wellness journey, and guides providers in addressing crises with a digital roadmap. Learn how you can empower consumers to take control of their health through these webinars.

Building a Digital Health Ecosystem

Watch this webinar with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS, to examine the key features of a digital health ecosystem relative to the drivers and transformational shifts towards digital health – from disease management to health and wellness; from transactions to outcomes; from volume to value; and from hospital dominant to “smart communities.” Each of the key components of a digital health ecosystem will be presented, including: Governance/Policy/Regulatory frameworks; Consumer-Enabled health and wellness; Learning (data informed) health systems; Interoperability; Networked Infrastructure; and Sustainability. The self-assessment, using a high level Digital Health Indicator, will be demonstrated, profiling progress of digital health ecosystem infrastructure as well as strategic pathways that advance digital health capability. 

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Advancing Digital Health Transformation: The HIMSS Digital Health Indicator (DHI)

The HIMSS Digital Health Indicator measures the use of digital tools, technologies and services to enable and support a highly integrated, seamless, and accessible healthcare system that connects and empowers global citizens to manage their health and wellness, within a high performing, sustainable health system.  Watch this webinar with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS, to gain an understanding of how healthcare organizations worldwide can use the Digital Health Indicator to progress their digital health capabilities and create a pathway toward transformation that will drive improved patient outcomes and increased financial and operational viability into the future.

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The Digital Transformation Blueprint: Driving Improved Outcomes through Measurement of Digital Health Dimensions

Watch this webinar to learn about the development of a digital health  framework that mobilizes data, flows data in real-time to patients and provider teams to inform decisions, and enables learning across global health systems to inform leaders of outcomes and the conditions under which best outcomes are achieved for population segments. Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS, will dive in to the four dimensions of digital health measured by the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator and provide examples of how they are measured.

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