STAGE 7 SPOTLIGHT ARcare: Improving Care for Patients in Rural America

HIMSS Analytics

ARcare is a Federally Qualified Health Center with a mission of “Health for All”, serving more than 65,000 patients in Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi with more than 70 locations. Since the mid-1980s ARcare has been committed to delivering quality care for all, including the many patients in rural areas who struggle to afford the rising costs of healthcare.

ARcare has always been an early adopter of innovative healthcare technologies and implemented its first electronic medical record in 2004.

Continuing to improve upon their existing capabilities, ARcare recently integrated lab ordering, results and radiography services to provide advanced services to rural patients. A major part of their success can be attributed to the utilization of technology as a vital part of the healthcare process. A Change Management Team - a multidisciplinary team of various stakeholders - was created to provide a holistic representation of ARcare communities of professionals.

By implementing standardized approaches based on the EMRAM model, ARcare showed the following improved results:

• HbA1c: 82%

• BP measurement: 100%

• Depression screening: 90%

• Self-management goals: 98%

ARcare case study