HIMSS Introduces New Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model: CISOM

HIMSS Analytics

Today, HIMSS announced the newest Maturity Model to enter the market, the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model or CISOM. The CISOM lays a pathway to building a supply chain infrastructure that provides benefits in both quality and safety. By using CISOM, healthcare organizations are shown a strategic pathway that begins with adoption of global standards, and progresses towards automated inventory management, clinically integrated decision making, and predictive analytics tools that identify risk, and enable proactive management of risk to strengthen quality and safety. Automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care proactively identifies the risk of adverse events, and cues clinicians to proactively intervene to strengthen quality and safety for patients and improve overall system performance.

The HIMSS Maturity Models have become the worldwide standard for measuring healthcare organizations’ dedication to improving processes and outcomes through advancements in technology. Like the other Maturity Models, the CISOM is an eight stage model (0-7) that provides a strategic pathway to track processes and products used in care by mobilizing data to create real world evidence of impact and outcomes for patient populations.

Organizations are able to adopt and implement criteria in the model through the four key focus areas:

  1. Automation
  2. Clinical Integration
  3. Predictive Data Analytics
  4. Governance and Leadership

When engaging with the CISOM, organizations will receive a personalized evaluation that they can share internally to assess the supply chain infrastructure of the organization. The evaluation will focus on the capabilities of the organization and will facilitate collaboration between various business units in order to answer and verify the evaluation data. After scores are received, the organization will have the information and insight to determine their next steps toward achieving Stage 7.

The HIMSS CISOM evaluation is now available to provide your organization with a Baseline Score by which you can determine the next best steps toward supply chain infrastructure maturity. Be among the first to get your CISOM score by signing up to take the evaluation today.

cisom score

Are you interested in a deeper dive into the CISOM model? Watch this webinar with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS Analytics, who provides an in-depth overview of the model. Find out how the CISOM can impact your organization.