CISOM: Get Your Baseline Score

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The HIMSS Maturity Models are known as the standard for measuring technology implementation and process improvement at healthcare organizations around the world. The models aid organizations in improving patient care while also moving toward a healthier bottom line.

All of the models have addressed different topics and issues within healthcare systems, from EMR adoption and advancement, to building a healthy infrastructure for technological innovations to take place. We have recognized a need for a model that focuses on creating a digital infrastructure within health systems which offers tracking and traceability of care processes and products that is ultimately linked to patient outcomes. There is growing awareness of the challenges related to patient safety, but providers need a strategic path forward to support and enable system improvement and personalized care.

HIMSS has developed the Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM) with this in mind; an eight stage (0-7) model, that provides a strategic pathway to track care processes and products linked to patient outcomes, by mobilizing data to create real world evidence of impact and value for patient populations. Organizations engaging in the CISOM are able to measure progress while improving their supply chain infrastructure, and follow a roadmap throughout the maturity journey.

When beginning the CISOM journey, organizations are asked to complete an evaluation outlining their current processes and capabilities. Those who complete the CISOM evaluation will receive a Baseline Score Report that details the progress against each of the four focus areas or domains of the CISOM; automation, clinical integration, predictive data analytics and governance and leadership.

The Baseline Score Report gives organizations the foundational information they need to understand what CISOM stage they are, and also provides organizations a pathway forward to achieving Stage 7.

Organizations can engage further to get a full report that will help pinpoint specific actions to address gaps and strengthen supply chain infrastructure. They can also work with a HIMSS Certified Organization to get help with strategy as they consider their pathway forward, and ultimately, work their way to a Stage 6 or Stage 7 validation.

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Are you interested in a deeper dive into the CISOM model? Watch this webinar with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research, HIMSS Analytics, who provides an in-depth overview of the model. Find out how the CISOM can impact your organization.