HIMSS Analytics Market Insight

Closing a deal may be a single point in time but your market insight and research shouldn't be.

Gain insight that enables a shift away from relying on a single market snapshot to sell a tool, and toward a longitudinal market insight solution that drives your approach to the market and evolves with your buyer.

HIMSS Analytics Market Insight will help you:



Identify opportunities

Identify new sales opportunities with organisations that are ready to buy



Optimise approach

Fine-tune your messaging based on marketing needs



Build market awareness

Create market awareness and establish thought leadership



Manage feedback

Manage feedback loops to enhance products and processes


The Process:


Launching new products


Maximising current offerings


Define your audience, know what works and leverage insights to drive effective marketing spend

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Health IT Market Insight and Research Solutions

Buyer motivations. Product and brand positioning. Identifying current market opportunity. What does your organisation need to understand? These are just some of the insights that we can equip you with to drive your health IT sales and marketing strategy.