Logic Features

The most robust health IT market intelligence platform with a list of features that will put you miles ahead of your competition. 

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Understand Health IT Sophistication

Know how a healthcare decision maker is thinking and what they are planning. Understand how they are using their technology. Get insight into over ten years of historical data on health systems. Gain insight with a truly global perspective. Search, filter, target or identify facilities by EMRAM score, the standard for health IT sophistication, as well as by detailed information on not only what, but how the technologies are being used. 

Build Sales and Marketing Targets

Find the right decision makers with the ability to search and access over 96% of the C-Suite executives globally.

Continuously Updated Datasets

With continuous updates, you have the ability to find pieces of data and insights you need  that will invigourate your sales opportunities. Logic is tracking over 50 technologies per hospital, updating daily and expanding into international data.

Customisable Dashboards

Use drag-and-drop or simple template builds to personalise Logic to serve your needs. Create dashboards tailored to sales targets, market history, marketing campaigns and business intelligence.

Smart Platform

Drill in on specific health systems, facilities or contacts with dynamic smart filters that update your selection criteria as you search, and use quick reports to get what you need when you need it.