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Digital Health Indicator

Your blueprint for digital health transformation

The Digital Health Indicator measures progress toward a digital health ecosystem. An ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed. Operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven, informed by data and real-world evidence to achieve exceptional quality, safety and performance that is sustainable.

Based in the principles and evidence of the HIMSS Digital Health Framework, the DHI measures four dimensions of digital health that health systems globally can build a roadmap and strategy against with the goal of engaging people in their individualized care to improve outcomes as well as improve health system capacity and viability into the future.



Begin with the DHI Rapid Assessment

Begin with a DHI Rapid Assessment. In this assessment, answer questions that will give you a baseline understanding of where your health system stands related to your digital health advancement and the four dimensions of digital health. In addition, get recommendations for next steps.

Go Deeper with the DHI Virtual Assessment and Report

Take the DHI Virtual Assessment where you will answer over one hundred Digital Health Indicator statements. Upon completion, HIMSS will issue you a DHI Report identifying your strengths and opportunities to advance toward a digital health ecosystem with recommendations custom-tailored to your health system.

Drive Forward with DHI Roadmap and Strategy Services

Upon receiving your DHI Report, work with HIMSS to create a DHI Roadmap where we will conduct stakeholder interviews, onsite facilitation with your leaders and a customized set of recommendations for next steps to progress toward a digital health ecosystem.

Your health system can also engage with a HIMSS DHI Partner of your choice to execute a comprehensive system-wide digital strategy, built on trusted consulting frameworks and practices, guided by your DHI recommendations.

Download the Whitepaper Today!

Digital health is the future of healthcare. HIMSS offers an evidence-based framework approach for driving toward an advanced digital health ecosystem. Learn more about it with a free download of "Digital Health: A Framework for Healthcare Transformation," authored by Dr. Anne Snowdon, Director of Clinical Research at HIMSS.

Prepare your health system to increase capacity to keep people well

The DHI allows you to move towards proactive, predictive care focused on keeping people and populations well. Looking to share or reference the DHI with others? Download the DHI quick information sheet.