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Health IT never stops changing. And neither do we.

To give you the most reliable data available, we go directly to the source.

Every healthcare organization that completes the HIMSS Analytics Annual Study receives benefits that help their organization, from their EMRAM score to custom benchmarking reports.


The marketplace is wide. Start with a macro view of the industry so you can accurately hone in on where you fit.


Build your go-to-market strategy around market movement with an inside look at IT inventories including purchasing plans and installation details.

Sales Outreach

Equip your sales team so they can deliver value. Knowing who to contact, and their pain points, opens the door for a meaningful conversation.

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EMR Market Share

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Essentials Brief: U.S. Ambulatory Practice Management & EHR Study

Unique Voice of Customer (VOC) from over 500 respondents. Year-over-year trending analysis of solution adoption. Despite efforts to tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and overall cost of care reduction, less than 25% of respondents indicated a defined strategy around Accountable Care.

"HIMSS Analytics constantly provides me with the metrics that I need to monitor and judge the performance of my hospital against others."

Susan R. Cerrone


Roger Williams Medical Center

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HIMSS Analytics CapSite Database

The HIMSS Analytics CapSite Database provides information around the way healthcare IT is being implemented in the marketplace.

  • Thousands of executed contracts

  • RFPs and proposals

  • Unmatched level of detail

  • Unique transparency

Know how you compare

Get a better understanding of your position in the market by viewing thousands of executed contracts and proposals - down to the terms & conditions.

Formulate strategy

Know what prospects are looking for. Base your go-to-market strategy on research gleaned from RFPs and proposals from over 143 categories.

Get in position for growth

Combine the market landscape data of the HIMSS Analytics Database with the power of details found in CapSite to create a growth strategy based on competitive intelligence and industry trends.

CapSite Proposals and Contracts

"We use HIMSS Analytics Benchmarking Reports to influence stakeholders, drive the innovation process and optimize our IT strategy."

Bridget Barnes


Oregon Health & Science University

Allison Alavi, VP, Marketing and Strategic Communications at Jvion, remarks on the benefits of working with HIMSS Analytics to improve predictive analytics.
Julia Weidman, Marketing Manager at Carestream, highlights the services HIMSS Analytics provided to enhance Carestream's product development and outreach.
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Advisory Solutions

We know this space. We helped create it.

Whether your needs fall within the path to product launch or further down stream, let us use our qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to help you achieve your goals.



Maximize current offerings?

A post-launch marketplace evaluation provides insight into how your organization is competing, which features are valued and which are not impactful. No one knows your business like you, and no one knows Health IT like HIMSS Analytics. Our advisory solutions are tailored to help you meet your goals, wherever you are in the product lifecycle A HIMSS Analytics Market Assessment highlights unmet needs in the Health IT space and identifies opportunities for innovation. Qualitative and quantitative research methods allow us to test messaging and pricing strategies prior to launch. Our relationship with HIMSS Media connects you with writers experienced in creating compelling content and access to the right editorial environments to ensure your product message reaches the right audience.



Launching new products or services?

Certification Programs

The Certified Educator program is designed to teach your client-facing team how to assess maturity levels in accordance to HIMSS Analytics maturity models, and help clients progress to maturation.


Help your clients chart their path towards achieving a paperless clinical environment with business strategy by using HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption ModelSM.


Help your Ambulatory clients achieve higher levels of access, quality, efficiency and safety by using HIMSS Analytics Ambulatory EMR Adoption ModelSM.

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