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International Health IT Intelligence Is Here!

To remain competitive and at the top of your market, it is becoming increasingly more important to have a global perspective. We are proud to announce LOGIC International Intelligence which expands the platform to include data from nearly 380,000 healthcare facilities spanning 47 different countries around the world.

Unlock The Power of Global Health IT Sales Intelligence

Gain health IT insight on a global scale. In addition to the 100% coverage of U.S. hospitals – establishing HIMSS Analytics as the number one health IT market intelligence source in the industry – significant investment has been made to provide similar market insight from Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America. With this global expansion and growing dataset, the LOGIC market intelligence solution provides sales and marketing teams eager to enter international markets with a powerful platform to efficiently understand their prospects, reduce sales cycle and ultimately drive higher rates of sales conversion.

Uncover how your brand’s technology is performing beyond your domestic borders. Use the tools to see how you stack up against competitors in global markets – and get specific details like regional demographic makeup and vendor market share. Within LOGIC you can view market share for a single vendor across all covered markets, search for specific organizations’ installation data, and access the global footprint of all organizations that have achieved HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 and 7 EMRAM validation.

From health IT startups looking to innovate and disrupt the market, to large-scale vendors looking for deeper market penetration, LOGIC International Intelligence offers trusted, timely and actionable data that enables your team to close more business and drive healthcare forward through technology.

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