HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Award Paperless and Proud of IT!

Stage 7 AwardIn 2005, HIMSS Analytics launched the EMR Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) to track adoption of EMR applications within hospitals and health systems. The EMRAM scores hospitals in the HIMSS Analytics™ Database on their progress in completing 8 stages (0-7), with the goal of reaching Stage 7 – the pinnacle of an environment where paper charts are no longer used to deliver patient care. Beginning in 2009, the HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Award honors those hospitals achieving the highest EMRAM level.    

Stage 7 healthcare organizations support the true sharing and use of patient data that ultimately improves process performance, quality of care, and patient safety.

Paperless for Improved Patient Quality

In Stage 7, the hospital is truly paperless. Clinical information can be readily shared via standard electronic transactions (i.e. CDA, CCR, CCD or state mandated transactions) with all entities within health information exchange networks (i.e. other hospitals, ambulatory clinics, sub-acute environments, employers, payers and patients). This stage allows the healthcare organization to support the true sharing and use of health and wellness information by consumers and providers alike. Also at this stage, HCOs use data warehousing and mining techniques to capture and analyze care data for performance improvement and advancing clinical decision support protocols.

Evaluation Process

To be eligible for the Stage 7 Award, hospitals must first participate in the HIMSS Analytics Annual Study in order to receive their EMRAM score. This study collects detailed HIT data and tracks the implementation and adoption of EMR applications through each stage of the EMR Adoption Model.  Therefore, hospitals don’t go through a formal award application process. Validation of Stage 6 achievements is completed with a phone interview. Final evaluation of Stage 7 status is conducted via an on-site visit.   

Recipient List

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Contact Information

For more information on the HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Award or to find out your EMRAM score, please contact Patti Harris at patti.harris@himssanalytics.org or 312-638-9460.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on how to obtain your hospital’s EMR score, e-mail us or call us at 866-546-2900.