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DELTA Powered™ Analytics Maturity Suite

Collecting data is only half of the equation.

In the era of Big Data, your healthcare organization has access to more information than ever before — but what are you doing with it? How well are you using data to shape strategy and decision making?

HIMSS Analytics’ DELTA Powered Suite helps you assess your healthcare organization’s analytical maturity, including how well it is leveraging data and analytics to empower decision making and drive organizational strategy.

The DELTA Powered Suite for healthcare providers includes:

DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment
DELTA Powered Maturity Roadmap
DELTA Powered Certification

DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment – The DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment is a first step towards developing a plan to analytical maturity and optimization.

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Incorporating the widely published DELTA Model described in Analytics at Work1 and used by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), the DELTA Powered Analytical Assessment measures maturity across five critical analytic competencies:

  • Data – Breadth and depth
  • Enterprise – Approach to managing analytics
  • Leadership – Passion and commitment
  • Targets – First deep then broad
  • Analysts – Professionals and amateurs

The assessment delivers an industry agnostic measurement of an organization’s analytical maturity across the five foundational areas of the DELTA model noted above. 

Participants rank the importance and effectiveness to which their organization engages in the DELTA Model’s 33 core competencies.   The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and the results identify significant perception gaps between analytics users, providers, and enablers, as well as provide insight into specific growth opportunities.

Participating organizations will receive a custom benchmarking report that includes DELTA scoring, along with other relevant analyses. You also have the opportunity to acquire enhanced reporting, collect and slice data by specific constituency groups, and have the results presented to organizational leaders for use in establishing an organizational benchmark, analytical vision, and strategy.

DELTA Powered Maturity Roadmap – A basic maturation roadmap that correlates specific capabilities and criteria for the DELTA model’s five core competency areas with maturity levels from “Beginner” to “Leader.” By linking your organization’s DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment survey results with the DELTA Powered Maturity Roadmap, analytical leaders can plot a course towards analytical skills growth, maturation, and optimization. 

DELTA Powered Certification - Provides motivation and recognition to healthcare organization leadership and staff for achieving progress against their efforts to become analytically mature.  Certification levels and scoring align with DELTA model levels (Beginner, Localized, Aspiring, Capable, and Leader), and reflect an assimilation of individual DELTA foundational area survey scores across Data, Enterprise, Leadership, Targets, and Analysts. 

DELTA Powered Certification for “Capable” and “Leader” organizations (the two highest tiers) have additional case study and site visit requirements similar to Stage 6 and Stage 7 EMRAM program requirements.


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Unlock the power of your organization’s data and analytics. Transform how analytics can improve the quality, safety, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of patient care and your business with the DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment. For information on how to get started with the DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment, click here.

1 Thomas Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Robert Morison Analytics at Work (Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2010)