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HIMSS Analytics® Database

Enterprise Edition

Access the most comprehensive source of provider IT market intelligence. Exclusive to HIMSS Analytics, this data—collected from thousands of institutions—can help you efficiently and effectively structure and target your sales and marketing efforts by:

  • Offering a macro view of the industry as well as detailed account-specific information
  • Enabling you to develop timely, relevant IT solutions for clients or prospects
  • Providing better knowledge to help you improve customer service and facilitate relationship management
  • Facilitating proactive selling to current accounts
  • Reducing expenses associated with the cost of customer acquisitions
  • Helping you identify potential partners with which to develop end-to-end solutions

Interested in more business-building benefits and information?

HIMSS Analytics

The HIMSS Analytics Database contains:

  • Data from more than 5,300 hospitals
  • Healthcare provider software, hardware and infrastructure portfolios
  • Market share data for over 130 software applications and technologies
  • Contact information for 190,000+ IT and “C-Suite” decision makers within acute, sub-acute, ambulatory and home-health organizations
  • Market segmentation and sizing statistics to evaluate opportunities across the U.S.
  • Healthcare provider software and hardware purchasing plan information
  • Identification of hospitals with major capital building projects
  • Geo-mapping feature to provide an optional graphical representation of standard report data

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Contact us at: 866-546-2900 or to learn more about how a subscription to the HIMSS Analytics Database can benefit your organization.

Download Sample Reports:

Delivery System Profile

Hospital Profile

Standard Reports

Market Share Report

Market Opportunity Report